Cookie is an app developer and javascripter

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Over the years I realised I made some things and never talked about it, so here they are. I have a few Github projects here and there, a blog which I never update and a profile on Glitch.

I've been the head of app development at Elixel for over 5 years now, a creative agency that me and a couple of friends had started up straight out of university.

I write a lot of javascript, and sometimes css when I have to. Writing applications with Cordova/Ionic is my thing and I've been doing this for a very long time, I was there when hybrid apps were in their infancy.

You can find me lurking and helping out in various Slack channels, I take a lot of joy in sharing the knowledge I have learned myself.

Sometimes you may see Twitter activity from me, I do try and remember to tweet once in a while.

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